Posted by: don´t panic | June 25, 2014

Hypergrid [HG] Safari 2.0

We meet at South Horizon, but we dont see the other regions around, why?


I predicted in 2011 that everyone will be forced to update user made 3D worlds or “everything is gone to dust”. I have some regions on older server versions running. They can be reached by the [frozen] viewer and are set on frozen databases. Thats my mission. One part is VULCANICUS. All contributions to VULCANICUS – The Volcano of Art – will be coverd in a booklet “SECOND DOWNLOAD” for the ones who want to see first on print what they may experience by a visit. Now welcome to the Hypergrid Safari! Here are some photos how South Horizon will again look after “the painter” was here again to make it all seen by OS 0.8. This might be the last update I do on the conserved regions as my long time student and developer “Daniel” will soon leave the university time behind to make “real” money in industry.

Enjoy a few pictures: Overview RIFT HORIZON and some of  “a well painted” South Horizon. About “The Colosseum” [made by Exy Atreides] you may read The Artefact: Still not known” in rez Magazine, June 2014. 

10463720_256584687877722_7009479034076485853_o[1]  imagex010  imagex015  imagex005  imagex013  imagex011

I have not included photos of Roots and War [by JadeYu Fhang]. This part of the installation was not affected by the server changes. You may do photos on your own 🙂

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