Posted by: don´t panic | June 17, 2014

Hypergrid [HG] Safari

VULCANICUS is not only a 3d-installation of pieces of art made of prims and sculpts. It offers some interactions. There are scripts inside. Hidden functions 🙂

On Wednesday, June 25, the HG Safari will visit RIFT HORIZON – the “landing point” in grid Metropolis. From this point you see VULCANICUS best. You may create an avatar in OSgrid [prefered language English], Francogrid [prefered language French] or Metropolis [German and English] and join HG Safari – search for Thirza Ember in OSgrid.

I copy the group information: Hypergridding! This group helps people new to hypergridding to discover destinations, new friends and all the fun that goes with grid jumping. We meet Wednesdays at 9 PM Central European time (12 noon SLT)
IM Wizard Gynoid Fuschia Nightfire or Thirza Ember if you would like to invite the group to come visit your region.

I spoke of interaction and scripting happens in VULCANICUS as well – worth to visit with students in arts and informatics. I found a good [and short] posting on it:

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