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MOSES in ‘The Artefact’

I was told that my short stories are pure fictional and none of my ‘looking back’ predictions are correct. I said: ‘Just an example please’ … and I got to hear ‘MOSES’ has nothing to do with Simulators as I have posted in ‘The Artefact’. Difficult when national security is involved to show proof. But, I got it via Intel. Here it is:

STTC you get in Wikipedia 🙂


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Programmed Art

is there an example in the VOLCANO OF ART? Yes, there is.


made by Wizard Gynoid 

Want to see more? I recomend the work of Glyph Graves, seen by Jo Ellsmere:

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Looking back

In a few days THE VOLCANO OF ART will be shown in an exhibition in Second Life at SIM Gualdo. Why in Second Life as THE VOLCANO OF ART is NOT there? It is on OPENSIMULATOR.

42 artists have donated pieces of art created between 2003 and 2013 to the VOLCANO OF ART to let them BURN TO CUBES. IT ALL STARTS WITH A CUBE! So art has to give back credits to the cubes. Remember the first CUBE machine that was interactive was developed in 1979 by Herbert W. Franke. He named the machine MONDRIAN. This machine was generating 2D boxes in random order, but driven by the inputs of the ‘user’: size, color, positions …

In the VOLCANO OF ART there is a 3D-CUBE machine, named HWF-MONDRIAN [other names used MONDRIAN3, MONDRIAN21]. You may name it as you like as it shall come with sound. ‘The MONDRIAN symphony’ in 3D has to be performed when it is time for: ‘BURNING ART TO CUBES’

Lokking back means also for me to have a look back as I started to develop some basic technologies for Virtual Spaces in Second Life.

The very first paper I wrote in 2008 about TAGREZ, called BEAM ME UP REZZY See how it all begun: TAKE A TAG TO REZZ …

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Recode Art

Now Recode Art was published in English at Expo Time!.

Read online and get the active links:!-2013-07/index.html

[Page 53 ff]

You can also click on the 4 tiny pictures and you get the text in bigger size:

expo_2013_01  expo_2013_02  expo_2013_03  expo_2013_04

In German language at Heise Verlag:

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Avatardesign as an Art process

It is time to come back to the roots of Avatarkunst. Avatars looking at Art and talking about the art they see [seen by others in doing this]. Avatars become part of the art reception process: ‘I in 3D‘ [catalogue]. [Wasn´t I beautiful as I made this art critics?]

Now Christine Liao of University of North Carolina, Wilmington published a paper ‘Art Medium Too: Avatar, Art, and Assemblages‘ [PDF here] where the Avatar making process as a process of art is the target.

For me it would be interesting to see the aspect ‘I in 3D’ in a paper and as well The Skip‘ of ‘The Avatar’ recognition … means to ‘come as an automatic generated EYE-Avatar‘ [where I can choose nothing and might get even a random color assigned]


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REAL to REAL: Avatarkunst now in facebook

Is facebook good for ‘art’? *coughs* a blog entry by Reiner Schneeberger

I dont know it. I just tried and got two severe ‘warnings’ and a ‘7 days ban’ by Zuckerberg. Was it Zuckerberg or is his staff not able to do what he promissed? Not good for a man like Zuckerberg. Promising and keeping nothing of it. No wonder that some friends said to me:  “I cant believe, you are now in? You allways said ‘NO’ to it.”

What happened? First I decided to use a coded name there, as I want to use facebook only for ‘Digital Art’. I saw 100 or 1000 using their SL names in facebook. Easy to find out just enter ‘Resident’, the name Linden Lab offers as family name since the last two years in Second Life. So I created ‘Ervare Far[r]oretre’. Just open and you see it is ROT-13 coded ‘Reiner S[ch]neeberger’. Americans – as I know from Klay Schrödel and Robert Schrödel – cant speak ‘Schnee’, so I truncated it to ‘Sne[e]’ to make ‘Faroretre’ soundwise working.

Then I (= Ervare Farroretre) was asked again and again by facebook to invite friends and I got ‘suggestions’. I just ‘accepted’ these suggestions. So I got my first warning of a ‘missue of facebook’! And I shall report when I believe that the warning is wrong. I did. And I got: ‘we will contact you very soon’. No contact. No Zuckerberg, no Zuckerberg assistant, nothing! This procedure happened with different content twice. I learned, frustrated of course.

Then I wanted to invite my friends from SL or Avination, inworldz, Metropolis, SpotOn3D … knowing only their virtual name, some quite famous, some of them having 500 SL friends in facebook! This caused me to be blocked for 7 days: “facebook is only for REAL friends. You have to know them in REAL life”. So facebook seems not to be a social network for virtual worlds, not for art made in virtual worlds. Al least if one has a ‘Second Life’ in art, like many REAL artists. Feathers Boa, Bryn Oh – maybe both read this text and they smile and give me a facebook ‘like’ 🙂 And YES, thank you Feathers for the robot and all the others for donating 3D-art for ‘conservation‘.

At least I know it now and can become a consultant *YEAH! a facebook work around-er I can add in my vita*: First send an IM to a friend REAL to REAL in virtual worlds and then add him/her to your facebook friendslist. Zuckerberg is happy then:

Real To Real Songtext:
Real To Real Cacophony
Echo Echo
Satellites Communicate
Pick Up Signal
Then Translate

Real To Real Cacophony
Transmission For You And Me
Satellites Communicate
Pick Up Signal
Then Translate

Real To Real Cacophony
Echo Echo
Do You Receive Me?
Do You Receive Me?
Do You Receive Me?


Want a 5 minutes ‘REAL TO REAL’ cacophony on it? Here it comes from You´re Wrong I´m Right:

Here my ‘suggestion’ for the song:

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See this movie and try to make the snowman in 3D 🙂

Neo Prim says in facebook: “In the movie Imagniaerum you have to face a dream-world that moves to reality and vice-versa. The dream is build up by the actors searching the lost keys in life. The music works as a net(work) to connect everything. So its like the world Simulacron-1 where I exist, made by an artist. But its not a computer this time. The wires are purely set up in ones brain, but there is a glitch:  the snowman is purely digital and can live only in a computer.Its a great avatar to make, I may rebuild it. Will you help me?”

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GeSIS presents

agra -Park in GaLa - Der Avatar entscheidet

Please have a look at “Der Avatar entscheidet” – published in Garten und Landschaft 03/2013, page 50. Some information is online at the blog of GeSIS e.V.

On Tuesday, 08.03.2013 there will be a presentation at Pier1, Hafen, Cospudener See, Markkleeberg … Reiner Schneeberger will demonstrate the simulation of agra-Park using an Opensimulator on 4-SIMs and the liquid vote system as well.

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I am pirate. I am art. 1/0/1 shades of grey

Welcome to a new project, that reflects on H.W. Franke´s MONDRIAN 2D of 1979 and MONDRIAN 3D of 2008. A story of Frist Prim: His life, His work, His mission …  The 1st part was published as “Das Artefakt” (Telepolis, 2013). Here is it in english “The Artefact“.

This is a part of the short story: “I am Pirate. I am Art. Ich bin Pirat. Ich bin Kunst.” by Reiner Schneeberger.

“… In meiner Zeit wo Femtosekunden über Kauf oder Nicht-Kauf eines meiner Artefakte entscheiden, muss man wieder lernen die Kunst als Substanz zu erkennen. Auf das Werk sehen und nicht auf die Gäste. „Eine Vernissage ist eine Datingveranstaltung“, sagte mein Agent, „Deine Kunst ist Beigabe“. Nun meine Rache ist fürchterlich. Zur meiner aktuellen Vernissage „Wayback: 1/0/1 shades of grey“ darf jeder Avatar nur als einfaches Auge kommen. Wie hier die Damenwelt protestiert! Keine Kleider, kein Makeup, keine Frisur von Hair Comet, keine Wimpern von Deadly Love und ganz schlimm: keine Schuhe! Aber kommen wollen Sie alle, denn mein Agent wusste geschickt zu manipulieren: „Wenn man genau hinschaut ist in 1/0/1 mehr Sex drin als in 50 shades of grey“. So steht es auf dem Einladungsteleporter. Ich fragte ihn was er denn mit genau hinschauen meinte. Dann flunkerte er mit den Augen und schob einen Link von Fixing the Facts © rüber: publishing date 18.02.1990 in WordPress. Altmeister pur! Artefakte pur! Ich der Pionier in einer neuen wiederentdeckten Kultur? Nun ja eine Klage auf Namensplagiat wäre in der Tat sexy und E. L. James hat ja den Übergang in den Simulator erfolgreich gemeistert. Und sie hat Geld, viel Geld und alles Cash. In meinen Bildern ist Substanz. Substanz gegen Cash. Das gefällt! …”

Parts of: “The Artefact”

1. Das Artefakt

2. Rücksturz in die Tiefe.

3. I am Pirate. I am Art. Ich bin Pirat. Ich bin Kunst.

4. I am Legion. I am Art.

5. Der Kulturschock.

6. Der Sponsor kehrt zurück.

7.  Das Goldene Prim.

8. Leila.

See here a copy of 1/0/1  shades of grey:


It´s time to look back as 3D-worlds are now in a rush and glooming all over in size and color. Where and when has everything began? Wasn´t the world one-colored? We called it now “grey”, but it was green … the CRT-screens in the late 70th have been green and the plots black. So shades of grey was one of the artworks made in the late 70th.

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agra-Park in 3D

Am 22. Januar findet eine Veranstaltung unter Nutzung der im Kunstraum verwendeten Techologie ‘Opensimulator’ in Markkleeberg statt. Dabei wird erstmals eine von Daniel Jung, Fachinformatiker und derzeit Student am Lehrstuhl für Logistik an der Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht in Berlin  entwickelte Freischaltung von Besucheravataren gezeigt. Damit wird es möglich, ohne Anmeldung eines Avatars eine 3D-Welt zu besuchen. Der Besuch kann als Mann, Frau oder “als Auge” erfolgen. Zur Konzeption eines Besuches einer 3D-Welt “als Auge” finden Sie hier eine künstlerische Einordnung in die Avatarkunst von Reiner Schneeberger, der die Entwicklung von Herrn Jung betreut.


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