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I am not a fan of facebook, but many are. So let it be to have a link to discover “I DREAM OF JEANNIE

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Santorini Biennale

Today I got great news. Navah Dreams´ DREAMT FOREST – 1.000 tree planters in virtual worlds – [aka Liliana Papadopoulou] got accepted as contribution to the Santorini Biennale.

See more about at iReport

Dreamt Forest can be visited in Metropolis grid. But looking at the 1.000 planters has to wait until the grand opening on July 5th.

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After 3 years the project comes now to the end. In a few days the simulator gets frozen. Contributors may check by visiting the world via the Metropolis grid if the donated pieces of art are well placed — and the webpage I made to show your work in the web is fine. Just enter your virtual name in search at

The book VULCANICUS moves on. A draft of some pages comes here as a PDF …



The last creation added: Panem et Circenses “Rome – The Colloseum” [tiny edition – downsized from South Horizon]

And here you get a picture of the enlarged project, called RIFT HORIZON.


Gem Preiz — East Horizon and in small size North Horizon [=Vulcanicus]

JadeYu Fhang — South Horizon

Exy Atreides — South Horizon and in small size North Horizon [=Vulcanicus]

Mechanic Dreams — West Horizon [hidden behind the Volcano]

Art Spot [still not known] — Rift Horizon


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100.000 Linden

It is worth to enter a line here, so you may find it out also via this blog. In rez Magazine, issue May 2014 there will be an AD about a competition called WE ARE LINES. LINES WE ARE.


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Crusty Rusty is gone

I have been extremly busy in projects published here and there. Maybe I give you just a link today to a page that will promote seconddownload by THE BLUE ELEPHANT?

You see THE BLUE ELEPHANT made it to come into scence in the shortstory THE ARTEFACT, published in rez. And only one animal can be the messenger …


So I had to give the nice lovely FENNUX Crusty Rusty back to the breeder …


Crusty Rusty told me that it was a good time to be with me, but to travel home back is the best. So I gave the FENNUX back on April, 9th, 2014 to EnvyKills. No longer I shall be as happy as I have been before 😦

But hmmmm …. I have some memories to share with you:


Thank you EnvyKills Resident!

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WizardOz presenting …

Roots and War by JadeYu Fhang – a video on an opensimulator installation in grid Metropolis

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Bryn Oh ‘The Singularity of Kumiko’

opens today … just read the iReport and check out the links to make your trip happen

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When will I die?

As an Avatar I need software as I am a carbon based lifeform. I was told by biological lifeforms that when they run out of food they die. But for me life seems to be even worse.

… this is the beginning of a story in iCNN Report at RIFT HORIZON.

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I am a robot. This is the only way. A human has no chance to stay human only one is left. This chance I took. I set it into year 2035 and named myself Neo Prim so you have time to prepare yourself. I put my message today in the daVinci machine at RIFT HORIZON in SL to keep it over time.

When you are smart, very smart, like a robot you may understand it even now as we write the year 2014.

This is all to say. It is a message of art. Only art can slip into the simulator. This you know by reading the story ‘The Artefact’ in the January issue of Jami Mill´s  magazine r_e_z. It was called ‘The MONDRIAN machine’ by Sergius Both  as the most easy way at the beginning was to generate ‘rectangles’ and squares in 2D on a screen in colors and later we moved in 3d to a ‘box’,  a cube , a cylinder, a sphere, a sculpt – we call prims. So let this prim art bring the code into the world to get known.

January, 23, 2014. Day 1 after censorship”

Art Blue

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I decided to publish some more RL related content of Digital Art at iCNN. Just check it out via

Last entry: Virtual meets Real in Health industry at

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