Posted by: don´t panic | May 31, 2015

LPM intermediate

Enjoy to read Ex Reality which will be published in rez Magazine June 2015.

This is the PDF giving a Content overview LPM2015: BLENDING IN TO OPENSIM

These are the secret links used at LPM 2015 “Blendung in to Opensim”: MOONREZZER LPM2015 by WizardOz Chrome, Milano [8 min] YOUR BRAINWAVES COUNT [1 min] MOONHOLDERS Short Version [1 min] MOONREZZER by WizardOz Chrome, different Version [8 min]. OBEDIENCE by Bryn Oh, project by Saskia Boddecke, Peter Greenaway, Bryn Oh, Jo Ellsmere [4 min] OBEDIENCE machinima by Iono Allen [4 min]
All other links will be posted at – like already done fort the SOULREZZER by WizardOz Chrome at
This page shortlink

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