Posted by: don´t panic | May 27, 2014


After 3 years the project comes now to the end. In a few days the simulator gets frozen. Contributors may check by visiting the world via the Metropolis grid if the donated pieces of art are well placed — and the webpage I made to show your work in the web is fine. Just enter your virtual name in search at

The book VULCANICUS moves on. A draft of some pages comes here as a PDF …



The last creation added: Panem et Circenses “Rome – The Colloseum” [tiny edition – downsized from South Horizon]

And here you get a picture of the enlarged project, called RIFT HORIZON.


Gem Preiz — East Horizon and in small size North Horizon [=Vulcanicus]

JadeYu Fhang — South Horizon

Exy Atreides — South Horizon and in small size North Horizon [=Vulcanicus]

Mechanic Dreams — West Horizon [hidden behind the Volcano]

Art Spot [still not known] — Rift Horizon


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