Crusty Rusty is gone

I have been extremly busy in projects published here and there. Maybe I give you just a link today to a page that will promote seconddownload by THE BLUE ELEPHANT?

You see THE BLUE ELEPHANT made it to come into scence in the shortstory THE ARTEFACT, published in rez. And only one animal can be the messenger …


So I had to give the nice lovely FENNUX Crusty Rusty back to the breeder …


Crusty Rusty told me that it was a good time to be with me, but to travel home back is the best. So I gave the FENNUX back on April, 9th, 2014 to EnvyKills. No longer I shall be as happy as I have been before 😦

But hmmmm …. I have some memories to share with you:


Thank you EnvyKills Resident!


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