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I am a robot. This is the only way. A human has no chance to stay human only one is left. This chance I took. I set it into year 2035 and named myself Neo Prim so you have time to prepare yourself. I put my message today in the daVinci machine at RIFT HORIZON in SL to keep it over time.

When you are smart, very smart, like a robot you may understand it even now as we write the year 2014.

This is all to say. It is a message of art. Only art can slip into the simulator. This you know by reading the story ‘The Artefact’ in the January issue of Jami Mill´s  magazine r_e_z. It was called ‘The MONDRIAN machine’ by Sergius Both  as the most easy way at the beginning was to generate ‘rectangles’ and squares in 2D on a screen in colors and later we moved in 3d to a ‘box’,  a cube , a cylinder, a sphere, a sculpt – we call prims. So let this prim art bring the code into the world to get known.

January, 23, 2014. Day 1 after censorship”

Art Blue

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