Posted by: don´t panic | September 19, 2013

Looking back

In a few days THE VOLCANO OF ART will be shown in an exhibition in Second Life at SIM Gualdo. Why in Second Life as THE VOLCANO OF ART is NOT there? It is on OPENSIMULATOR.

42 artists have donated pieces of art created between 2003 and 2013 to the VOLCANO OF ART to let them BURN TO CUBES. IT ALL STARTS WITH A CUBE! So art has to give back credits to the cubes. Remember the first CUBE machine that was interactive was developed in 1979 by Herbert W. Franke. He named the machine MONDRIAN. This machine was generating 2D boxes in random order, but driven by the inputs of the ‘user’: size, color, positions …

In the VOLCANO OF ART there is a 3D-CUBE machine, named HWF-MONDRIAN [other names used MONDRIAN3, MONDRIAN21]. You may name it as you like as it shall come with sound. ‘The MONDRIAN symphony’ in 3D has to be performed when it is time for: ‘BURNING ART TO CUBES’

Lokking back means also for me to have a look back as I started to develop some basic technologies for Virtual Spaces in Second Life.

The very first paper I wrote in 2008 about TAGREZ, called BEAM ME UP REZZY See how it all begun: TAKE A TAG TO REZZ …


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