Posted by: don´t panic | June 24, 2013

Avatardesign as an Art process

It is time to come back to the roots of Avatarkunst. Avatars looking at Art and talking about the art they see [seen by others in doing this]. Avatars become part of the art reception process: ‘I in 3D‘ [catalogue]. [Wasn´t I beautiful as I made this art critics?]

Now Christine Liao of University of North Carolina, Wilmington published a paper ‘Art Medium Too: Avatar, Art, and Assemblages‘ [PDF here] where the Avatar making process as a process of art is the target.

For me it would be interesting to see the aspect ‘I in 3D’ in a paper and as well The Skip‘ of ‘The Avatar’ recognition … means to ‘come as an automatic generated EYE-Avatar‘ [where I can choose nothing and might get even a random color assigned]


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