Posted by: don´t panic | December 18, 2012

Das Artefakt: in Telepolis


For German speaking readers we recomend to have a look at Telepolis at 01.01.2013. The article `Das Artefakt` written by Reiner Schneeberger was published by Telepolis at


You find the translation in English here …

As a message to guide you to `Das Artefakt`you may read the short story `Der Traum vom Meer` (The Dream of the ocean) by Herbert W. Franke – aka Serigus Both – at Telepolis now:

Der Traum vom Meer is one of the finest ways to understand the idea of SIMULACRON-1 in a different way as it was outlined by Daniel F. Galouye´s Simulacron-3 in 1964, by Konrad Zuse´s Rechnender Raum in 1967, by Herbert W. Frake´s P-Prinzip in 1995 and by Rainer Werner Fassbinder´s movie Welt am Draht in 1973.


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