Posted by: don´t panic | April 8, 2011


A new interesting series of Round Table Discussions at Dimitrakopoulou Building and Apothiki Art Center in Parikia, 7.30 pm. This spring there will be a new series of Round Table Talks, each one having a different speaker and theme. They will start at 7.30 pm with a 50 minute lead-in Talk followed by discussion. We hope you will be able to attend these interesting evenings, with lively conversation and discussion. There will be cheese and wine to follow. There is no charge and you do not have to be a member of IPAC, just someone who enjoys art, creating it – or both. The Talks and discussion will be in English.

Wednesday, 4th May, 7:30 pm

Dimitrakopoulou Building

Invitation card

invitation text card

Zeus meets Zuse, Zuse meets Zeus

When bits and bytes get imagnitive. When mechanic dreams are experienced. When “world on a wire” comes to life … 

… its time to visit … at 4th May 2011

Liliana Papadopoulou, Paros and Reiner Schneeberger, Leipzig

will talk about the 3-dimensional internet and how art can be conserved and presented in time by using virtual worlds.


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