Posted by: don´t panic | January 12, 2011

Sneak into Simulacron-1 via Metropolis

Now everyone can sneak into Simulacron-1 via the Metropolis Grid. And there is a reason: SpaceNet AG Munich has choosen 12 artworks of ´Avatarkunst´out of Simulacron-1 for an art calendar 2011. Art Blue invites you to visit a world were you can get an idea of the palace ´Petrov´ of the great ruler of Simulacron-1, First Prim. Compare it with a book where you get an idea of the ´true world´ behind. Just go to and you get the information you need to enter. Download of Hippo Viewer recomended. It will be not Simulacron-1, as this world is restricted to enter, but you might imagine the beauty of ´the next level´where you can face ´the true me´.


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