Posted by: don´t panic | December 9, 2010

Seeking for location: Exhibition ZEUS meets ZUSE

For the exhibition “ZEUS meets ZUSE, ZUSE meets ZEUS” we are seaking for a location in January 2013. The location has to be outstanding but does not need to be a gallery: palace, castle, dungeon, lighthouse, showroom, cargoship … but it should be clear for the public that its a unique event. People shall recognise that it is an honor that this location was donated to be used for the exhibition as ZEUS and ZUSE deserve nothing else. The location sponsor shall be able to arrange everything so the exhibition will be a great success. We have two original paintings of Konrad Zuse as Reiner Schneeberger (one of the exhibiting artists) knew him in person and the team and friends of MechanicDreams will present new works based on the theme “ZEUS and ZUSE”. A donation to the printing costs of the catalogue would be fine. Travel expenses for the artists are covered as there will be a seminar ahead to finance the exhibition. The location has to be in Europe preferable in or nearby a big city. Feel free to contact Reiner via e-mail or phone +493413576694 / +491712077087. Thank you much all for your kind assistance and we look forward meeting ZEUS and ZUSE alive.

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