Posted by: don´t panic | October 25, 2010

The Space Elevator is launched!

Its true unbelievable, but Exy Atreides made it 25 years earlier than expected. On November 5th, 2010 it will happen, the ´Exy-mentos-steampunk-elevator´ will go into space. Read and see by yourself. And then click on the bit-link, to get an idea of the potential of the Exy-Mentos-engine …

Exy Atreides space steampunk elevator in Simulacron 1 launched

Join the exhibition at gallery ´Kleine Freiheit´in Leipzig, Lake Cospuden and get a ´lift-up´to art …

dont be late: at 19.30 Berlin time  the ´Exy-mentos-steampunk-elevator´gets its go; pretzels stay steam hot for 45 min only …

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